Marvel Studio represents a new slot machine Hulk, which has found many fans in the world of passionate games! One of the most powerful, but what is there – the strongest monster of the exciting and often filmed Marvel Comics. Subject of experiments on humans has always been popular in America, so it is not surprising that the green-leafed monster and huge muscles become one of the most popular characters. Now the opportunity to check his muscles at the fortress, and at the same time and strength of his nerves have appeared in real time.

Description of the online hulk slot

Incredibly colorful with the use of 3D effects, this online slot will please not only fans of the comic book, but also those who want to win in online slot machines. And let fierce shell incredible Hulk does not bother anyone, because under him something can be hidden much more interesting. For example, a heart of gold can be a terrible monster. So gold, he wants to win it for free.

What can be found in the online slot?

On 25 lines waiting for you not so cheap pictures. However, if not cheap – it is the player’s choice. The values ​​of one line of the slot machine you can choose from one penny to $ 2. In general, it can get a pretty good figure.

What more can Slot Hulk be in your memory? First, you have to test all four bonus games. Such online slot machines, like this one still have to be found on the Internet. It should be noted that the machines have advanced from Marvel bonus system, making them different.

But in turn. The first bonus in the Hulk’s arsenal called a crushing hit or smash bonus sends the player into the bonus game, where he destroys three of the seven police cars. In each of them a cash prize that will be added to your rate. Deal with them should be addressed by helicopters. One of them contains a factor, and broken machines multiply. Sometimes this bonus gives it an interesting rage option, while the actions can be subdivided into all seven machines, and thus the most money to win the draw ratio.

In the next at least interesting bonuses you must have at least three logos of the Hulks enrolled. For them, you will receive ten free spins during which a winning combination will triple. If again during these turns falls three or more invincible giant logo, the player will be given an extra turn and may be so ad infinitum. The only thing you can not get it at the time – it’s Smash Bonus, which was mentioned above.

Play this exciting online slot right now!

One can resist the universal evils with the help of invincible hulk and be at any time of the day and day, because evil, as it is known, does not sleep. Start testing this gambling online for free, thanks to the latest technologies and developments you can not win any decent amount of it, to fight for the salvation of the world own bank account ready. Destroy and break with the invincible Hulk and let luck determine who must survive in a crucial battle.

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