Hot Chance

Nowadays, there are a long line of emulators first offline slot machines in every online casino especially in the fruit and berry citrus theme. It’s not surprising because their fans still want to watch their favorite slots, virtually unchanged as they will bring them a lot of fun and profits. And simplicity always plays important roles for them. Thus, the slot machine Hot Chance is a typical one-armed bandit that moves online space. Of course, here he acquired a certain charm, which is expressed in the design of modern graphics and music.

Description of the Hot Chance slot

On the three reels of the slot machine move the same purple plum, cherry, oranges, yellow lemons, striking signs “BAR”, black crosses, lucky sevens and shining stars. Each of these characters is particularly pleasing to the eyes when completely filled with one of the five active rows, and preferably more than one. Then the payments are guaranteed.

In this case, the game can bring to a doubling the profit of the, if you specify the color of the closed cards correctly. In general, the process is very exciting, it is necessary to play for free on the slot machine Hot Chance and without registration, to prove this.

In addition to the spectacular and colorful event that will show on screens, all our players get generous cash gifts and bonuses. Among them it is necessary to note that it is possible to get good performance in drawing of symbolic combinations.

By and large, it is important that players learn and experience all the rules of the game by heart. Actually, they are not that hard, even the little kids can do it.

The rule of the game

We advise you to make bets on 9 lines. This is the maximum number of them, and one can be chosen smaller. Beth must be at least 1 coin. The highest value is limited to a hundred credits. With the back to the maximum rotation options it costs 900 coins. But it is possible to win the jackpot for 9 million.

So if you want to try your luck right now and make real money, try this now! It is not worth putting on the long bench. So you can now start online without registering or starting a download.

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